Airpark Cahors

Airpark Cahors is a new development that will start to realize the dream most of us aviators have: to be able to have our airplane parked just outside our house. Start up our plane and fly when and wherever we want without having to drive to an airfield. You will also be part of community of people who share your love for flying.

This has been our dream for a considerable time. In order to realize this dream we have been searching for quite a while and finally found an airfield in the south of France in the area Lot and Garonne (departement Lot). On this airfield we were offered an opportunity to realize an Airpark. We received the final permission to start developing the land and start building. On the map you can see the location of Airpark Cahors.

The development of Airpark Cahors will consist out of different phases.

A home like no other

In addition to the convenience, the camaraderie and the many other benefits airpark residents reap, nothing beats the main advantage of living in a fly-in community: the opportunity to get up in the air easily and often. For commuters, living in an airpark makes it truly feasible and, in many cases, more economical to use an airplane to get where their schedules demand. For recreational pilots, fly-in communities provide a means and a strong incentive to enjoy flying on a more regular basis.

With the airport just a couple hundred feet from your doorstep, the traditional barriers and excuses that stop many of us from taking that evening joy ride or making that short hop across town — whether it be a lack of time, a reluctance to make the drive to the airport or one of the numerous other distractions that steal our attention — fall away. Instead, we’re left with more occasions to enjoy that one-of-a-kind feeling that comes from hopping in the left seat, inhaling that cockpit smell we know so well and feeling the Earth sink below us as we pull back on the yoke. What better way to enjoy that feeling than to live in a community where it can be shared and appreciated by like-minded friends.

Why live and fly in France?

You are probably wondering why should I choose Airpark Cahors? Why France? We have summed up some advantages of flying in France and living at Airpark Cahors:

  • One of few fly-in communities in France and even Europe
  • Park your plane next to your home
  • Fly whenever and wherever you feel like it
  • Design your own house; together with our contractor I.G.C you can build the house you always dreamt of
  • Fuel stations and maintenance company on the airfield
  • Hangars to rent on the airfield
  • A house connected to both a grass ( 1.000m ) and concrete (1.500m) runway, leading to each villa.
  • France has a great reputation as a aviation nation and a lot of history
  • an active aviation industry. A a result of this has an active home building community called the RSA with active members.
  • Are you planning to restore a historic aircraft?  France has a large historic aviation community, ranging from the relatively simple aircrafts from WWI like the DR1 to the historic Jets like the Fouga Magister and Mirage or the warbirds from WWII like Mustang Spitfire.
  • Easy to register experimentals
  • Landing payment is low and no limitations
  • Cheap fuel
  • Beautiful surroundings, clean air and great weather
  • A lot of exciting destinations, airfields and historic places where you can easily fly to
  • Great wine and food in the region

Are you interested and do you want more information? Contact us! We can tell you everything about parcels, houses, prices and more.

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