Parcels & Homes

The creation of Airpark Cahors will consist out of two phases.Airpark Cahors (9)

Phase 1

The Airparks first phase will consist of about 20 houses, each on a parcel of 1500 to 2500 m2. Enough room to build a house, a swimming pool and a hangar on the bigger ones. The house and hangar will be connected directly to the airstrip by a taxiway and connected to the entrance of the park by a separate road for automobiles. Every lot will have access to the main road and the taxiway. The lot will be connected to electricity, water and a telephone line.

Phase 1 will get started when we have found our first 12 customers. After this we will start developing the lots and building houses.

Phase 2

During phase 2 we will expand with another 10 houses.┬áIt is possible to expand the project with a third phase of about 10 – 20 houses.

Read more about the parcels here.

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