Airpark Cahors is located near the medieval city of Cahors, in the department Lot (department 46). It is situated in the heart of the southwest of France, in one of the most rural parts of France. It will be positioned along the airstrip of the airport of Lalbenque, in the south west of France.

Touristic information

The Lot is a very beautiful region which is named after the river Lot, which meanders through the landscape. It is known for its vineyards along the river Lot and Lalbenque and its delicious truffles. Read about what you can do around Cahors, where you can stay and where to eat on our website.

Below you can see an impression of the surroundings of Cahors.



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The people in Cahors built beautiful buildings, such as magnificent castles when the numerous pilgrimages enriched bankers and traders lived there. Those buildings are among the most beautiful of France.

The airfield was opened for the first time in 1971. In the beginning the illumination of the runway was done by hand and batteries. The first control tower was situated in a Citroen van. The airfield was frequently used by president Pompidou to visit his house in the country at Cajarc. Nowadays the airfield has e real control tower, several hangars, a restaurant and boardroom. The l’Aéroclub du Quercy uses the airfield, but also the Centre école régional de parachutisme and the pilot school are very active.

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