Where to eat

The Lot is not only a delight for the eyes; it is a great place to eat as well.

Do you enjoy fine dining? We can suggest some regional specialties whi

La truffe, la noix, le foie gras, le confit, les cèpes and le cabécou.  You can taste these specialties in every restaurant in the region. They differ from small local restaurants to restaurants with one or more Michelin stars.

VinGood food deserves good wine. The Cahors wines are one of the best and oldest wines in France.  Previously considered as rustic, they have managed to renew their style and are currently winning over a wider public. The wines are a dark, dense and sometimes even a ‘black’ colour in their youth. Their rich and complex aromas surprisingly develop over time.

Having dinner

You can enjoy a very good or exclusive meal in the hotels we have recommended on the page ‘Where to stay‘. In addition to that we have several more restaurants we can recommend

  • Chez Jeanne is located in Pomarède and is a typical french restaurant, where the locals come and have lunch, very simple and cheap.
  • Hostellerie de Goujounac is located in Goujounac and is run by a Dutch couple. You can have dinner here for a reasonable price
  • La Recreation is located in Les Arques and is a restaurant with an excellent kitchen, a bit more expensive but well worth it.
  • Le Lamparo is located in Cahors and is one of the restaurants where you can enjoy a 3 course meal for € 15,-. Simple but good. Also a restaurant where the locals go out to eat.
  • Au Fil des Douceurs in Cahors is right at the foot of the Historic bridge Pont Valentré. A restaurant who specializes in truffles.
  • Le Marche is located in Cahors and has a very good recommendation in the Michelin guide
  • Le Gindreau is located in St Médard and is one of the top restaurants with a Michelin star.

Of course you can always consult the website of the Michelin Guide for a good choice.

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